Work with me!

Recipe Development & Blog Posts: If you have a super cool product, I’d be happy to create recipes with it for my blog and yours. This way, my followers will learn about your product and your brand. I'll share the recipes I develop on my social media platforms. You are more than welcome to share them on yours as well!

Content Creation: If you are just looking for recipe development and food photography to include on your website/blog, I’d love to help! I can come up with a delicious and creative recipe, so you can use the recipe and images for your own purpose! However, this does not include any promotion on my part.

Social Media Exposure: Social media is probably the best platform to learn about new brands right now!  If you're interested in a partnership let me know! If I feel your products/services are worth sharing with my community,  I’d be more than willing to collaborate on one, or a series of social media posts featuring them.

Become a Basket Vendor (Miami, FL) : If you have a product you think would complement my baskets let's get in touch! If I try and approve your product we'll move on to setting prices and promoting it. I'll mention our collaboration in my posts, instastories, and website... and you can as well! You are free to use any pictures I take of your product for your own promotional purposes. I'm looking to make 30% off of every sale, but this is up for discussion.