Foodie, Aspiring chef & Entrepreneur

I’m a student at the University of Miami pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship and minors in Advertising and Marketing. I have strong verbal and written communication skills, an eye for visual arts, and experience with copywriting and social media.  I’m also creative, which complements my entrepreneurial spirit, and I have an knack for knowing what people want, why people talk about and share certain things rather than others, and why some ideas catch on.

After almost a year of working on what started as a personal project, I feel that I can say I'm a damn good cook. I'm also the proud author of a successful, multilingual food blog and the founder of what will hopefully grow to be a well-known company https://aliciacorreavarela.com/alicias/. Cooking has become an essential part of my life! I have committed to doing something worthwhile, that I take pride in, and that keeps me on my toes every day. I look forward to learning more, working harder, and improving my newfound talents. 

I'm a goal oriented person, and I think big, always have and always will. Career-wise, I'm looking to continue to grow my business. Nonetheless, I'm open to any work opportunities that may arise, specifically in the advertising, publishing and marketing fields. I'm an avid learner and will gladly take a shot at any job that I feel will contribute to my professional development.


Skills: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Indesign / Adobe Lightroom / Photography / Food Photography / Microsoft Office / Public Speaking / Project Management / Leadership / Team Player / Ad Saavy / Native Proficiency in English & Spanish / Limited work proficiency in Portuguese / Social Media / Social Media Marketing / Social Media Consulting / Writing / Creative Writing / Web Content Writing